High Security Key Systems

The experienced professionals found in our Locksmith Department are ready to help maintain or upgrade your facility to a patented high-security key system such as BEST - Stanley, Primus, ASSA, Signature or Medeco. Doorways of Wyoming also offers KeySolutions, our custom designed key management software with all of our key systems.

How can a high security key system help your business or facility? Read the sidebar to the right for an example of how we provided a key solution to a customer and how it helped them. Then, contact the professionals at Doorways of Wyoming to help secure your business!

Why use a high security key system?

  • Ever give your keys to a parking lot attendant or valet while at that business lunch?
  • How about the cleaning service... does it have keys to your building?
  • Have you ever fired an employee?
  • Can you print a minute-by-minute report of everyone accessing sensitive areas in your building?

Thirty percent of all burglaries are unlawful entry without force - meaning the thief had a key. Chances are, your keys can be duplicated anywhere keys are made, such as hardware stores (30,000 nationwide) and discount stores (26,000 nationwide), and it only takes a few minutes.

There are more than a million reported burglaries from businesses each year. The average loss for business burglaries is $1,400. And, for those occurring in the daytime (when an unauthorized key is likely to be involved), the average is more than $1,800.

It could happen to you. How are you going to protect yourself?

High security key systems from manufacturers like ASSA and Schlage.

A Case Study in High Security Key Systems: Legacy High School - An Adams Twelve Five Star School
A Case Study in High Security Key Systems: Legacy High School - An Adams Twelve Five Star School

More than 935 students and faculty members pass through the doors of Legacy High School on a daily basis. Recent breakdowns in school security across the country prompted the administration to seek new levels of control on the facility's exterior doors as well as many interior spaces. Built in 2000, the facility featured existing hardware with a long remaining life span; however, the keyed locks offered low levels of security against unauthorized key duplication. The Schlage PRIMUS High Security Cylinder System provided the ideal solution. They system features a specially designed, patent-protected key (prohibiting unauthorized key duplication) with five available levels of security. Doorways installed PRIMUS cylinders in critical openings, using all other existing door hardware and providing much needed security improvements to this public school building.