Field Service

Field service teams capable of performing all work on door openings. For those times when you need someone to come to you, our sister division, Doorway Solutions, has a complete, well trained field service team. Capable of virtually any work you may require at your site, our field service units bring Doorways of Wyoming quality to you.

Featuring seven field service teams.A Small Sampling of What Our Field Service Can Do

Repair and Rework of Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

Including cutting in hardware preps for hinges, locks, panic devices, flushbolts, cut out lite kits and move or change locations for hardware preps. We can change the handing on frames as well as perform hardware preps. Field Service can even cut down your frames, rewelding, grinding, sanding, and priming them as if they left our shop. Side lite and borrowed lite frames with horizontal and vertical mullions can be welded as required also.

Repair and Rework of Wood Doors

Our wood door services include mortising in hardware preps as well as moving any existing preps. We can cut out your doors for lite kits as well as cut them down as required to fit an opening. Some patch work on veneer doors is done also.

Installation of Doors, Frames & Hardware

We can install virtually any type of frame or door that you may require including drywall frames and Timely frames for finished wall conditions. We will also demo out existing openings for installation of new doors and frames. All types of door hardware can be installed including locks, electrical locks, closers, rim, vertical rod and mortise panic devices and even thresholds, weather-stripping, flush bolts and more!

Key System Maintenance & Installation

The experienced professionals found in our Locksmith Department are ready to help maintain or upgrade your existing key system. We can assure a higher level of security, upgrading your facility to a patented high-security key system such as Primus, ASSA, Signature or Medeco. We also offer our custom designed key management software, KeySolutions.

Naturally, all work performed in the field by Doorways of Wyoming / Doorway Solutions is backed with an extensive Quality Control Program ensuring the highest workmanship and customer satisfaction.

You can E-Mail our Field Service Unit to schedule a job on site now or to get more information.